Tired from signing everywhere

You have a wonderful product, BUT …
I have to sign up when I go to Simbrief to create a flightplan
I have to sign up when i want to open charts in a plane in MSFS
I have to sign up when I use airplane toolbox.
I have to sign up when i open Navigraph charts on a second screen.
If I have forgotten something, then again i have to sign up to return in simbrief …

Do you have already a solution for me ??
Or, please, a good idea would be to ensure that your customers just sign in once in a session.

Hi there! Welcome back and thank you for the feedback.

This is not intended, and we are not able to immediately reproduce this ourselves. We will definitely look further into it, as it sure sounds annoying!

Kind Regards,

Don’t forget sign up when you go to the forum :joy: :joy: :joy:


Actually - just to make sure that I understand this the right way:

You say “sign up”, but I assumed you meant “sign in”. Is this correct?
Do you have to sign in every time, or just once for every product?

Do you mean 3rd party EFBs built into aircraft? Which in particular?

The application or a new tab in a browser?

Some additional details would be much appreciated!

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Hi Malte,

Thank you to care about my little “problem”, I think that you could improve the immersion in the Sim.

Before all, I find your product very interesting, and I have very much appreciated all the improvements that you have made in your products. We are more and more in the real world, and the old professional pilots are completely astounded with what we can do now in a simulator.

First, I apologize for my bad English… Yes, I should have written “Sign In”

Imagine that you open your Windows session, write your Name and Password in Windows ‘s opening screen. OK

Now, if you open Excel, you have to sign in once again…

If you open your Explorer, you have to sign in again, if you open your simulator MSFS, you have to sign in once again.

That is what I feel with your Navigraph product, even if I have to sign in only once per sub-product, except for the inplane charts…

In fact, you disturb the immersion in the sim …

Example of what I do in MSFS 2020 (with my collegues on Discord, as we fly together, and more, we are trying to fly the same plane trough YourControls far from perfect, but the only one at the moment…)

1/- Navigraph FMS Download agent, Navigraph Hub, Navigraph Simlink are not activated at the start of my Windows10, just as 18 other processes which are not necessary until I need them !

2/- I Open Navigraph Hub to check for new Airac or new Navigraph charts In Game panel, or new avionic Plugin G3000/G5000 or new plane Fenix A320 or B737. First Sign In ( not each time this one…)

3/- I open Simbrief to prepare a flight plan : second Sign In

Example I prepare a flight from LFLC 08 Clermont to Strasbourg LFST 23. SimBrief never knows about the Initial approach, he knows only the final approach, but we have the initial approach charts in Navigraph Charts. …

I create the flight and download it, either directly in .PDF and .PLN, or through Simbrief downloader if I want a .RTE and .WX file for the specific plane (aerosoft, PMDG or else) . I paste the files where they have to be, in LocalState Directory for the .PLN, or in the plane directory for the other files.

4/- I open Simlink, and Navigraph Charts on a second 30” screen. I import the Simbrief File to visualize the flight. (Normally no sign in unless a new version is available for SimLink). I Close Simbrief and Simbrief Downloader (I must close twice the downloader as it does not close with the X in the window, why ? …).

5/- I open the MSFS 2020 sim, I go on the world map, I choose my plane, Real Weather, and I import the file .pln from LocalState. I choose my Gate (Simbrief does not have the possibility to choose a gate), verify the SID, the STAR, and choose the approach (MSFS knows the initial and final approaches even if they are not separated in the choice. For my example MOU4E was the SID, and EPL6V was the STAR, ILS Y RW23 BERUG Transition. The initial approach is OK in the sim, even if only the final approach was shown in the Approach choice Field. I correct the NavLog, as an altitude of 30000 ft is not optimal for A320 or B737 between Clermont and Strasbourg (300 miles of distance, but lot of restrictions in altitude and speed in the approach, we use FL240 or FL 260, more appropriate)

When the flight is prepared in the sim, I save it in MSFS, replacing the file imported from Simbrief with the .PLN that I have just modified.

6/- I Import this file in Navigraph Charts (the new possibilities introduced in the last versions are much appreciated …), and I have then my FLIGHT with the charts. I have just to add the approach chart for the departure airport (LFLC ILS RW26 in case of return for a problem in the plane after TakeOff), and I have to add the initial approach chart RW23 11-0A, not known from simbrief.

7/ I open the ready to fly, then fly in MSFS.

8/ I use also a tablet, to have an MCDU, or Once in the plane, depending on the type (A320 EFB, or G5000 or G3000 or G750), if I want to see the charts in the plane, I have again to Sign In to see the charts (third Sign In). This one completely kills the immersion, as we are preparing the plane. More, it seems to me completely useless, as Navigraph Charts is already opened, and simlink activated.

And if you change your plane at the end of the flight for another one, you have again to sign In to get the charts in the new plane (fourth sign In).

SUGGESTION: Do not put any process at the opening of Windows and use the exe.xml file (in LocalCache) to enable your files. And do not ask for more than one Sign In per session.

I think it should be possible,

Best Regards

Salutations cordiales

Ph Dulaey


You should only have to sign any given product once. Anything else is unintended behavior that would be seen as an issue. We have no other reports of this nature yet.

That should not be necessary, this is what I do as well!

Glad to hear it. It should be once and then never again for each product.

This is a separate product, so a new sign-in is expected once. You should not have to sign into SimBrief again after a browser or computer restart.

Please post this as a separate topic in the Simbrief section.

Please note that this will cause MSFS to re-calculate your route completely, meaning that the route you imported from SimBrief is lost. This is a simulator limitation, and we can’t do anything about it, unfortunately. Exporting your flight from the in-game panel to the simulator will work though!

There are a couple of things to unpack here, so bear with me while I try to explain a few things!

  • The avionics in the simulator count as a separate, individual product. That is why you have to sign in once more. You should only have to do this once - but there is a small detail:
  • Each aircraft + livery combination will require you to sign in again. This is intentional by the simulator, not Navigraph. This is not something we can affect even if we wanted to.
  • Navigraph Charts and Navigraph Simlink are two separate products. Sharing one sign-in between these products and the avionics is not a good idea for a multitude of reasons, both technical and security/privacy related. This is not something unique to Navigraph either!

While it would perhaps be possible, it has massive security implications that Navigraph will not tolerate. Apologies for the inconvenience, but signing in once for each product will still be required!

Just to shine some extra light on why: Each product will have different permissions to information about your account. For example, Simlink to the Navigraph Hub is not allowed to access Navigraph charts, and Navigraph Charts is not allowed to download navigational data. These types of restrictions apply to third-party products like the FlyByWire EFB too!

They all will be required to ask for your explicit permission, and you will have to grant it before they are able to access anything. This is all standard procedure in the industry, and it is there to protect our users!

I hope this makes it easier to understand the situation! If you have to sign in more than once for each product, please let me know and we’ll look into it!

Kind Regards,

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