The activation of the violet airplane symbol does not work

Sometimes it is exasperating. One time it works, another time it doesn’t. What is meant is the activation of the purple airplane symbol.
Simlink is installed and also activated (see screenshots).

2023-03-10 16_45_47-Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings

2023-03-10 16_45_19-Navigraph Simlink Status

2023-03-10 16_45_07-Navigraph Simlink Status

Any idea what it could be? I am looking forward to an answer.

Best regards, Marcel


Please try this (close your sim first):

  1. Right click the tray icon for Simlink and choose Sign Out.


  1. Sign In again in Simlink.

  2. Start your sim again.

Does it work better?



Yes, that’s it. I had just clicked on Quit. Now it works again.
Thank you.

Greetings, Marcel

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