Terminator toggle option?


I’m just curious if Navigraph have ever thought of implementing a simple toggle to represent the current day/night terminator on the Earth. It could work much like the day/night style in the top right of the screen and look something like below.


Hello Tim! Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the feedback! No, that hasn’t come to thought so far. Perhaps because we’ve had no requests for it and the fact that it seems like this feature would be kind of impractical for our enroute charts. If we get more requests for this, however, we might consider it!

On the other hand, this feature fits the “World map” part of our app quite well, meaning that it is not unlikely that it will come as a part of our VFR product!


Thanks Malte,

It’d be nice for sure at some point, but in the mean time there are 3rd party apps and sites that do the same. It’s amazing how many different things I have open in my browser, phone and tablet when I go IFR lol. It’s like a cockpit, but for millennials Bwahahaa!

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