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Lately I’ve noticed that Taxi Lines appear to be missing from Taxi charts on major airports such as EGLL Heathrow, LKPR Prague and LTFM Istanbul airports. They can sometimes be found in the other charts with stands and taxiway restrictions, but appear to be missing from the taxi chart itself. Is this as intended, or perhaps something is missing?

Example of Heathrow, not a single taxiway is shown on the Taxi chart, only the letter, which makes things a bit confusing sometimes:

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Hi Dan,
that´s what the AIP UK offered - you see exactly the same but only in color:

… but for what do you need the taxi-lines? The taxiway is important but for what the line?

When you mean the parking stands, than this is a own chart, ie. your example EGLL

Here you see the parking stands and the numbers + the lines. Do you really need more? And when yes, what do you expect when you see the lines?


AIP UK does look a little better with the word ‘taxiway’ spelled out giving an indication of direction of the taxiway. For Navigraph though it’s just a single letter, which if placed in an open area doesn’t always make things clear.

Ah well, maybe I just need more practice, but currently I do get confused being assigned a taxiway route and then checking my chart looking at for example:


Allright - but we can confirm, that the lines are not missing because on the airport-diagram there are no taxi lines, also not on the chart of the AIP. And honestly, normally you follow the lines directly in the aircraft and not with the finger on the chart :slight_smile:

The important point is, that you´re on the right taxiway :slight_smile:

The letter are clear I guess and for more details, you can “zoom” into the parking-stands:

I can´t find your example screenshot in the EGLL chart - where is it?


The smaller image I posted is from EGKK Gatwick, chart 20-9.

I just seem to remember that taxiways were shown in the past for all airports were taxiways were marked, but I perhaps am mistaken.

No, on the global overview airport diagrams there were never any taxi-lines, only on the Parking-Stand charts and also in your EGKK example - when you need any more details due the scale on the airport-diagram, look deeper on the parking-stand charts:

Here the same form 20-9A:

Hoep that helps,

Alright. Feedback appreciated, cheers. : )

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