Show Aircraft on Taxi Charts

Is it possible in the future that you will get the taxi and parking charts able to show the aircraft position? In many airports it is difficult to see the taxiways on the airport chart and so it needs swapping between charts all the time. Also, for example, at EGLL the holding points are not shown on the airport chart, only on the taxi chart so again it makes the safe manouevring on the airport while taxiing somewhat clunky.
Thank you

Hi! Welcome back to the forum!

All charts that are possible to geographically reference should be able to show your position.
It is very common for taxi charts to contain elements that are not to scale, and in that case, it is no longer possible to show your position. This will not change, unfortunately.

In many cases, however, the map itself (not the charts) is really helpful in such scenarios! It contains lots of the same information, including taxi lines and holding points. Here is what it looks like for EGLL:

Perhaps that can be a good alternative for you as well?

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Hi Malte thanks for explaining.

I’ve been using Navigraph fire many years and I like all the advances. Even that zoom in the chart doesn’t show any holding points at EGLL.

If it can’t be done, so be it!

Thanks again


Hmmm, the holding points should absolutely be visible on the main map. I have highlighted them here:

Do you not see this in your app?

Yes, I can see all those. However if you look at the taxi map at Heathrow, all the taxi holding points are named and the controller will tell you to hold at Pluto or wherever, so that taxi map is pretty essential there.



Ah, I see! That sure is a good reason to use the taxi chart.

I will see if there is anything we can do to get those names onto the map, but I don’t think that it is directly possible. Either way, thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you for looking into it Malte.

Hopefully the data is already available. Here’s a screenshot from Jeppesen FD Pro, showing the holding point names on the airport moving map.


My poiunt stands thoigh, it would be great to have them on the chart so it’s easy to manage, to my mind.

If it happens…great!

That’s cool! Then there is definitely a shimmer of hope there. We’ll check it out when we get available resources to do so!

This is not something we can affect, it is up to our data provider. Their process is based on the needs of real-world airlines, and we have minimal ability to influence this. The chances that the taxi chart will get geo-referenced in the future are very slim, unfortunately!

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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