T89 Double Runway Issue

There is a duplicate and offset runway at T89 Lajitas Airport in Texas. I have no scenery add-ons other than Navigraph.

The darker one is the MSFS data.

I think I see what may have happened. Using Little Navmap I can see there are two assets overlaid:

MSFS Official


Given the FAA Identifiers mismatch that could be the cause of it.

Is submitted this to the MSFS Zendesk as well "“Request #132451 The FAA code for Lajitas Field is wrong”

Is there a way to disable one or the other until this is fixed?

yes that is exactly the reason. The MSFS uses an outdated/former ICAO code, the real world one is T89. We compare the existing airports in the MSFS with the none-existing airport thru the ICAO codes, which are unique. If we don’t find it, we “create” the missing airport/runway that we can include all terminal procedures.

Sorry, this is a MSFS issue as you see. Please report this to ASOBO/MS. Thank you.


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Thanks, I have created a zendesk ticket with Asobo. Interesting thing is 89TE is a current FAA designation for Plaza Medical Center Heliport in Fort Worth Texas. IMO they just typo’d something. At any rate I created a ticket with them. Is there a way to disable the conflicting Navigraph scenery until they fix it on my side besides deinstalling the whole thing? Honestly this particular airport is of no concern. I just ask in case I run into one I care about. For now this golf course can be posh with its two runways :slight_smile:

Hi again,
so now I was curious :slight_smile:

I have re-checked all - and have found out following:

The T89 was former the 89TE …

Now it´s Lajtas Intl

89TE is now the Plaza Medical Center

The FAA identifier for T89 is T89, but the official airport identifier is KT89 … I guess, because the Europeans has no FAA :wink: … very tricky :wink:

What I can do now is, that I don´t export the KT89 airport that you don´t see any double runways. But than you still have a wrong FAA/ICAO airport id for this airport (89TE), which is wrong in MSFS.


PS: it´s not a question of right or wrong here :slight_smile: … in one way you have double runways but the correct ICAO airport ID, or you have one one runway but the wrong ICAO airport ID :slight_smile: … both solutions are not good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extended look into this issue. That is interesting about the temporal use of the 89TE designation. I agree there is no good solution here. This can’t be common enough to matter lol and God help anyone using MSFS for IRL navigation. (which is a no-no anyway). Hopefully Asobo fixes this. What site did you use for the ICAO lookup?

This is the direct FAA database :shushing_face:

Cheers & have a nice day,

Thanks! I love the product so far.

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