Syncronising NavData

How do I syncronize Navdata with LittlenavMap?



In FMS Data Manager, select LittleNavmap and Update


Thanks IanI will give it a try,also I have in A.Barthel

AIRAC cycle : 2204
Version : 1
Valid (from/to): 21/APR/2022 - 19/MAY/2022

Forum :

Data provided by Navigraph - - Source data copyright (c) 2022 Jeppesen
This data may be used for ground based recreational computer game
simulation software only, and may not be recompiled, interpreted,
or distributed for any purpose without the written consent of Navigraph.
The contents of this database is dated and must not be used for real
world navigation as it is unlawful and unsafe to do so.

Parser-Version : DFD v1.0 22.0413 (c) Richard Stefan
Files parsed on: 14/04/2022

but it still shows airac 1801 in littlenavmap

Sorted out now Thanks

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You are welcome.

Happy flying


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