LNV AIRAC Cycle Revision Version Mismatch?

Hope you can settle my confusion:

  • MSFS 2020.
  • Little NavMap v2.6.11
  • I have the current AIRAC Cycle 2105 rev. 4 in the Navigraph NAVDATA Center installer beta 2.4. However, FMS Data Manager indicates 2105 rev 1 as the version for Little NavMap.
  • Is this something I need to worry about?
  • Should the AIRAC rev versions be the same?
    Thx in advance

the revision number is per dataset/addon and not general like the AIRAC cycle number. There are no changes for LNM and we haven´t updated this addon therefore still the initial revision number. On the other hand, we have added some new information in the MSFS dataset to be fully compatible with the current sim-version and therefore we have created a new revision with a new revision number.

So the revision numbers are independent of each addon during a cycle period.

Hope that helps

Thanks, Richard. Makes perfect sense.

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