Syncing tablet with desktop

I made a flight plan with desktop Navigraph and exported it to msfs. iOS tablet finds my plane and moving map is ok but it shows just the plane but not the flight plan. How can I sync the tablet so that it shows also the flight plan?

Which versions of the tablet and desktop apps are you running? Check Settings.


iOS is 16.3 and Navigraph is 8.19.0 build 4016136394.

And Desktop?


Navigraph desktop is 8.19.0 build 4016136394 and iOS tablet version 8.19.0 build 1. System is the latest Win 11.

I have the same request for my Navigraph 8.19.0 on my Windows 11 desktop running X-Plane 11.55… to synch to my Microsoft Surface laptop also Windows 11.


All versions 8 of Charts use the same flight plans, and they are stored on the server. So there is no syncing needed. You need to use the same account in all devices though, double check this in Settings. Hence, if you’ve created a Flight on your iPad, you can simply open this flight on your desktop app, and vice version. Even the in-game panel works like this.

So when you press the Flights icon (circled in red), you will see the same list of flights regardless of the device/app used:

If you already have a flight loaded and want to get back to the full list of flights, press Unload:


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