Switzerland Low Flight Network

I was wondering if it would be possible to include the Swiss Low Flight Network (LFN) which is exclusively used for HEMS flights and the Swiss Air Force in the Navigraph navdata? The waypoints are all present in the navdata already but it takes a long time to enter the routes without having the ability to select the LFN airways.

Would be very nice for IFR helicopter flying especially with the H145 in MSFS for some Rega ops.

Also the hospital helipad ICAOs are missing in the navdata for example the Inselspital in Bern (LSHI)

The LFN enroute data is public available: https://www.skybriefing.com/de/aic-series-a Document 002/2017

thanks for the contact - we need the data in the ARINC424 format, than we can add it.
Thank you very much,

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