LODO Heliport (IFR Procedures)

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AustroControl (official DataProvider & Aviation Authority for Austria) is starting to establish and publish RNP helicopter approaches into various heliports / hospitals across Austria.
First was the heliport at Oberwart (LODO), home to the EMS/Rescure helicopter Christopherus 16.

I am using Navigraph on X-Plane 11.51 (on Windows 10)

I saw the data is not implemented into your AIRAC Data (nor to the charts).
So i ve “build” the approaches and SIDs myself. I guess it is not 100% accurate, but it works well for me in the std xplane Garmin (430) flying the RotorSims EC135v5. :slight_smile:

Attached find the missing fixes for the earth nav as well as the LODO proc. file.
All based on the Charts given by AustroControl (ACG) (see following Post)

@Navigraph: Anychance you could include that heliport into future Cycles?
@EVERYONE: Feel free to use my data attached here (at own risk)

ADD to earth_fix:
47.090555560 15.848611110 DO700 LODO LO 4464727
47.395833330 16.274166670 DO800 LODO LO 4464727
47.232777780 16.269444440 DO801 LODO LO 4464727
47.185000000 16.195000000 DO900 LODO LO 4464727
47.181944440 16.121666670 DO901 LODO LO 4464727
47.188333330 16.268055560 DO902 LODO LO 4464727
47.235000000 16.190277780 DO903 LODO LO 4464727
47.291111110 16.184722220 DO904 LODO LO 4464727
47.338055560 16.180277780 DO905 LDOD LO 4464727
47.318611110 16.182500000 DO950 LODO LO 4464727
47.390833330 16.176388890 DO951 LODO LO 4464727
47.542500000 16.210555560 DO952 LODO LO 4464727

LODO.dat (2.7 KB)

Chart Links:
as described and “published” above:
LODO Charts (by ACG)

newly established:
LOGH Charts (by ACG)

I just tried it under Cycle 2014, it appears not to be working anymore.

When i try to load a procedure, it says a certain waypoint is missing, although it is in the earth_fix.dat file. (Just like under 2013)

Also i “created” a CFIP file for LOGH, where there will be IFR procedures soon. (Published already) The x-plane GNS430 cannot find the heliport(/airport) in the data base. LODO however is in there. To my understanding i did LOGH the exact same way as LODO. I don’t see any difference?!
Is there a way to add LOGH to the airport database somewhere? I haven’t found anything.

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Hi Tom,

The airports are as provided by our data supplier, and we have no ability to have these added to. We did make the exception of adding the old VHHX manually ourselves, owing to large demand from our customer base.

It takes considerable effort to manually add an airport ourselves and maintain it. We are not in a position to add your airport at this time. If you add it yourself you will need to do it each time you update to latest cycle. Sorry about that.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your quick and open reply! :slight_smile:
It’s a bit said to hear, but absolutely understandable!
I’d be okay with editing it myself on every cycle. :slight_smile:

Just one last question than, where would i be able to add a whole new airport into the navigraph format/files to be read by x-plane?
As mentioned above, i do have the procedures formated and ready to go, just need to add this heliport/ airport to the data base itself!? :slight_smile:

Many thanks,
Best regards,

Hi Tom,
this can be only made by Laminar - there are a special file, where all airports are included which will be offered/supported by Laminar and not be us. It´s the APT.DAT file located at:
<your XP11 root folder>\Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data

When an airport is missing in this file, you can´t select the airport in the whole application - like your example: LODO is included in the airport-file, but LOGH not and therefore you don´t see any procedures or similar else, even when you have installed a procedure file.

Additional to the answer from Ian:
When we offer any tailored records, then we try to offer it globally for all addons. That means, we have a special format, which we can parse and from which we create all addons then. It´s normally only an internal tool, but my plan for 2021 is, that we will offer this tool for public, to add none-existing airports, terminal procedures or waypoints but only with a reference to the real-world.

As Ian wrote, the maintenance-effort is too large to keep such tailored records up to date by us, therefore we don´t update tailored records, except when the author of this tailored record send us the chances.

Thats partly still realized with a couple of user which we have and our plan for 2021 is to improve this tool, that everyone can use it, when he wants - but again, that´s a plan for 2021. The year is new and we don´t know what happened the next 365 days :wink:

Servus aus Wien,

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Servus Richard,

First of all thanks for your detailed reply. :slight_smile:
Makes a lot more sense now! :slight_smile: maybe i ll see and check with x-plane if they know a way around to add that „new“ heliport.

The tool you plan on sounds very promising and like a really good idea. I‘d definitely be interested in taking care of the mentioned Chopter Procedures across Austria. :slight_smile:
If you are/ will be looking for beta tester, count me in. More than happy to try it out.
Until than i ll see what i can do with just text coding trying not to brake my x-plane. :slight_smile:

Many thanks again,
looking forward to the things to come & happen in the next 365 das :slight_smile:

Beste Grüße aus Bayern,

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