Suggestion - Side by Side

For us, lucky enough to have two wide monitors, I find myself with another peculiar suggestion.

If we could have a couple of charts side by side, that would be awesome.

Usually, it would either by Airport and SID, or Airport and Taxi or Arrival and Approach or Approach Transition and Approach.

The pinned charts are awesome, but when one’s busy flying an approach on a busy day online, having the present chart and upcoming one available, could make a great difference.


We shall consider multiple monitor support in Charts Desktop.

In the meantime you can have Charts on two monitors using Charts Desktop plus Charts Cloud, or two instances of Charts Cloud.


Hi Ian,

I think I didn’t explain myself correctly.

I meant, within the app, having two charts side by side. I could have the browser and the app and open side by side, but was wondering if within the app, a side by side feature would be a possibility.

Thank you for your suggestion, we shall consider side by side charts within Charts Desktop.

In the meantime you get similar with my suggested workaround: