Suggestion: download profiles according to aircraft

Hi there,

one tiny suggestion I have regarding a future version of the downloader.

I would actually find it useful, if the download formats are chosen according to the aircraft (airframe) chosen in SimBrief when generating the flight.

So for every airframe you could create a custom profile in the downloader on which flightdata should be downloaded to what folder.

Hope I explained it lucidly.

Best whishes.

I agree, I have the pmdg 737, 738, 739 planes. Unfortunately. I can only select 1 aircraft to download the pmdg 737 to. If I’m flying the 739 and the download is saved to the 737 flight plan folder. I can’t use the fmc to load it. I can go and copy the file from the one to the other then it works. However I had all 3 or 4 types set for each one, I could set it once and done. I didn’t buy the 736. I think that will be the same problem with the T7 when it comes out.

Hi Team,

If you use the SimBrief downloader and set it up for the different aircraft including PMDG 737 variants, when you Generate flight it will be copied into the correct folders ready for loading into each FMC.

Please see my post at PMDG 737 Series.