Suggestion: Don't display the information panel when selecting an item from the active route list

As in the screenshot. When I select something from the upper menu (EKCH airport in this example), the information panel is shown and I get a drop down menu. Nine times out of ten I’m selecting something from my route to get the charts and end up having to close the information panel immediately.

My suggestion is

  1. When selecting something from the active route list at the top, display the drop down menu only, without the information panel, but with an additional option to view/open the information panel for the selected object.
  2. Selecting anything directly on the map (part of route or not) should behave the same as it is today. That is, if I select EKCH airport on the map (not from the route list on the top) then I still would expect the information panel to show as it does today.

Hello??? Anyone there ?


We are developing a new major Charts version. This will have a different user interface, which hopefully will address your helpful suggestions.

Please see VFR Charts - #60 by stephen



I’m quite confused with this answer. I don’t see how my question relates to VFR charts at all. In any case, I’ll be waiting for the new UI and see what that brings.

The reference to that post was more to give an idea of the significance of the new UI, and very approximate timing rather than reference to VFR.