[Suggestion] Allow user highlighting on charts

Hi, I use the charts.navigraph.com web app when I’m flying in MSFS and a feature I would like to see would be the ability to custom highlight or make notes on the charts. As an example, on SID charts, I want to be able to highlight the relevant climb instructions and frequencies I will need, or to highlight other crucial information on other charts that can be hard to find when your attention is split between the chart and your flight.

Also, an optional legend function would be useful as a reference, that shows a list of the various icons and what they represent. This is already present in the Getting Started PDF, but a compact quick reference would be nice to have on screen.

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Annotations will be part of the next version of Navigraph Charts that is currently in development. You’re not alone in wanting this feature!

The legend suggestion is interesting and I will discuss it with the team. Thank you for your feedback!

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Would also like to have the simbrief map with weather and etops on the navigraph moving map. And also a Feature to annotate fuel in the breif

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Weather will be a big part of the next version as well, I think you’ll be satisfied with what we will provide.

Regarding annotating fuel consumption during flight, we will strongly consider it but we probably won’t focus on it in the first release.

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