SPJC charts contradicting/incorrect data

Something strange is happening with all the SPJC charts compared to the data.

The charts itself is showing only 1 runway (16), but the data on simbrief (and navigraph itself in the list of available approaches) says there are 2 runway 16L and 16R.

Additionally, the approach charts are contradictory. 1 example for instance is approach chart 11-1: It is named “ILS V RWY16L” in the list of approaches, but when I click on it and open the actual chart/graphic it is marked as “ILS Z RWY 16” on the actual chart.

For the STARs its even worse because the charts are showing completely different STARs than what they are labelled. Example 10-2E labelled “PADIS1 RNAV ARR” is showing the “PEROV4 RNAV ARRIVAL” when opened.

Its almost as if SPJC has gone through some recent changes, and the data has been updated correctly, but the actual images of all the charts are still showing the old data…

I refreshed my browser cache, but that wasn’t the issue.