Hi Guy’s, The jury is out for me with the new site, dont really like the dark background nor the general layout, for me, the previous site was easier to navigate through to the point that I used to trawl through just reading posts out of pure interest, can’t see me doing it with this layout, but never mind !!.
The other thing I have noticed is that there appears to be more emphasis on asthetics than the product itself, there appears to be a huge amount of chart descrepencies, after all, we are paying for accurate charts not a pretty looking website.
For as long as I can remember many many of us have been asking for chart anotations to be re-itroduced, lip service has been paid by saying it will be done in a future update, if I remember correctly, Ian indicated this would be done sometime in 2020 !!!.
I for one have given up on seeing this update materialise, SAD !!!


Hi Trevor,

The colour of background is a clickable option as per Configuring the forum for your personal tastes.

The new Forum has many advantages over the previous. Please see Why do we have a new forum?.
I find it for easier for casual reading as well as reporting and following up issues.

We are doing far more than aesthetics - we have hired staff and implemented systems for product development and support. Hopefully you will soon see the results of this expansion.

We understand you have long wanted Chart Annotations. It is certainly on the enhancement lists for the next version of Charts. Hopefully when it is releases you will be happier. We shall likely need testers/suggestions on the new functionality.

Wishing you Compliments of the Season.