Simlink possible memory leak

I’ve noticed this behavior quite a few times now. I am running the latest Simlink and I only use it with MSFS 2020. In the current instance, my Windows uptime is 4 days and I have not opened MSFS at all during that time. You can see below that the working set for NavigraphSimlink.exe is reported as 13GB in Process Explorer.

I don’t know much more about the behavior at this point, though I feel like it’s always been a similar number whenever I’ve noticed it.

Hello Daniel! Welcome to the new forum.

We’ve had this issue with previous versions of the MSFS plugin, but the latest version should not have this issue. Please confirm if you’re using Simlink to connect to MSFS?

As a temporary fix, while our developers investigate, you may restart the application to free the memory.


Yes, I am using MSFS 2020. I just checked today and found that it is currently at 2.8GB and actively increasing, so I’ve had to kill it again.