Simlink not working with MSFS2020

Simlink will not start a second time. I can download the latest Simlink executable and Simlink will behave normally. When I try to run it a second time after closing it and MSFS out, I get a few strange responses that indicate certain dll’s are not found. When I check the Simlink folder, they are all there. I am very confused.

I will try the solution in “Moving Maps not Working - Simlink sign in not working”.
What causes the Navigraph apps to go insane every now and then? This will be the second time that I have had to re-install everything.

Update: The installer for a separate download of Simlink by itself, places the executable file on the desktop - not a shortcut. So it cannot find the dlls as mentioned in the previous post. I’m not sure why Simlink didn’t work originally, but I AM sure that downloading Simlink by itself caused it to not work, although why it would work once (even though the executable was on the desktop the first time it was selected) is unclear. For anyone having issues, be sure that there is a shortcut on the desktop instead of an executable.