Simlink Moving Maps A running simulator could not be detected

Hi! Hope someone can help. I am a new subscriber to Navigraph (from last month). I am running Charts on an iPad and everything was working perfectly. I updated Simlink this month and have had a Windows 10 update too. Now I get the above message and can’t connect Charts. I am running P3dv5.1. Simlink status is showing no connection to the simulator. I have tried uninstall/reinstall and other solutions in posts here (like making sure Google is default browser) but I cannot get it to work. I attach my Simlink log.

Thanks - Rich Cooke
simlink_2021-06-06.dlog (16.1 KB)

Solved it! For some reason there was no simlink entry in my P3D dll.xml file. I entered it manually and its now working again.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the update - glad it is resolved.


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