Simlink Logs Out After PC Sleep Cycle

Hi Folks,

The last couple of posts similar to mine was around 2021. This started a few days ago, checking the date which I raised it on the Discord General Channel, you had an outage somewhere on the 20th of October, and this started shortly after.

Prior to that date, Simlink remained logged in once I authenticated. Now every time I put my PC to sleep and wake it up, Simlink is disconnected and requires another login. Notably, Simbrief Downloader is also running in my system tray and it remains logged in. I have all the checkboxes - i.e., Run on Startup etc., enabled.

Thanks for any suggestions!


We’re not able to reproduce. Do you also have Navdata Center running in the tray, and does it stay signed in?


Hi @stephen - no I think it got turned off after the last few flights. I can try to turn it back on and see if they’ll both stay up? Thanks!

Looks like keeping Navigraph NavData NavCenter ruuing in system tray is the solution. Simlink remained logged in now. Thanks!

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