Simlink is it linking correctly?

Hi Guys, can you please confirm if this is correct or not, am running simlink in systray (Windows 10)

Currently flying from Senegal to Saudi Arabia, route planned in Navigraph and running latest Airac cycle.

The pink arrow on the moving map does not seem to follow the route as it is well above the route line, I am running the flight in MSFS 2020, is this a problem with MSFS or simlink? I would of thought the pink arrow should be following the route line, if this is correct as the image shows, then this cannot be correct can it?


Hi Jay,

Simlink displays accurately where the FS coords says you are.

Please show the same details with the default MSFS data, i.e. remove Navigraph AIRAC Beta.

You could post a machine readable version of the flight plan.