simLink installs in FSX-SE even though Steam was deinstalled

When I install Simlink, it installs for FSX-SE and Prepar3dv5. I am only running P3Dv5. FSX-SE was deinstalled months ago and the directories for Steam removed. I have searched the Program Files (x86) folder and deleted the Steam folders the install recreated and also every reference to FSX or FSX-SE and Steam I could find in the Program Data folder, and in the Users folder (AppData and Documents). I even searched the registry for references to Steam or FSX. Regardless, the Simlink install always recreates the Steam folders in Program Files (x86) and installs foruse with FSX-SE, so I have to uninstall Simlin for FSX within the app (which still leaves the Steam stuff on the computer). Ths does not interfere with the use of Simlink with P3D.

The other problem I have is that Simlink loses its ability to link with the server after several uses and I have to reinstall it often to restore function. The reinstall requires me to deinstall, then manually delete all folders still remaining in Windows that Simlink created. Just running a deinstall does not remove all these folders, even with an advanced deinstall utility and unless these are removed, especially ones with xml files, the link to the server will not work.