Simlink correctly installed?

Hi, first of all I´m sorry because of my poor english.

My problem is that I can´t see anywhere that Simlnk (ver. is running on my Pc.

It seems to be partially installed because the software says that it has been correctly installed and I can see it in the apps menu but I don´t see it running anywhere when I double click on it (I have to manually create a shortcut).

It hasn´t given to me the choice to activate it by linking to my account, and It is not appearing as a running process nor in the systray and nor in the task tray too. Windows defender hasn´t blocked anything (I have checked it).

I did not have any installation problem with Navigraph charts software but I can´t link it with simlink on MSFS2020.

I uninstalled an reinstalled many times but nothing happens.
Any ideas?

Thank you very much


Welcome to our new forum. Please disable any antivirus, use Windows to uninstall Simlink, redownload and install Latest Simlink.

If still an issue, use Windows to uninstall Simlink, and Run-as-administrator Simlink installer.


Got it!

Firstly I deleted all previous Navigraph info from c: and I think the key was to unable Microsoft Defender during installation process.

Thank tou very much!

You are welcome.

Glad it is resolved.


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