Simlink closes without any messages

I’m noticing since one week ago that Simlink doesn’t remain active during my P3D v4.5 HF3 sim sessions.
I use moving maps on a Android tablet (web application) and after few minutes of flight aircraft icon on the map disappears and the small triangle on top right of the windows turns white. At the same time the sim starts to have stutters. I need to restart manually simlink but after few minutes it closed again… and so on for the rest of flight.
Attached you can find the last log on my PC.
Thanks in advance for your support.
Prepar3D v4_20210124023307_log.txt (369.3 KB)



We have a new version of Simlink releasing soon which should solve this.

We shall advise as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Ian,
thank you for the quick response.
I will wait for the new version.

Have a nice day,

Hello Ian, will this solve the similar issue in XP11? If so, that’s great work…thanks.

Hi John,

Hopefully yes. We shall see . :slightly_smiling_face: We shall value your feedback.


I’ve been finding similar on my Android tablet. Especially if the tablet goes to sleep. When I re-activate, the moving-map route on map is gone and my task bar with flight route at top of screen is gone, as well as chart pin bar at bottom. I can open charts and find the ones I’ve pinned but I’m unable to re-establish either of the top or bottom task bars. And the route across the map remains gone. Thanks.