Simbrief recommending invalid routes in Indonesia

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I am a VATSIM ATC in Indonesia (IDvACC). I often experienced pilots filing invalid / incorrect routes provided by Simbrief.
For example:

This route is the bane of any WADD controller, because Simbrief usually suggests that pilots take SRONO DCT MOVMO M766 SBR… to WIII. This is Invalid as MOVMO is not available for departures from WADD because MOVMO is a TMA inbound fix only. Departures flying via MOVMO puts them in direct conflict with arrivals via MOVMO, which can easily be avoided by planning via OKANG instead. The only acceptable RNAV route from WADD to WIII is OKANG T4 FARIZ T6 KURUS.

There are some other less pressing issues such as the following:

Simbrief suggests filing CA T3 ANY W45 BA, which is not “wrong” just superfluous in the sense that filing CA T3 BA is simpler and achieves the same track miles.

and in this example WAAA-WARR:

Simbrief suggests taking ENDOG DCT KOLTA when airways (T16 or W32) are available.

Valid / acceptable routes are often available on Simbrief, but are rarely the #1 recommended route.

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Horizon W

Hi, I will send you a DM with instructions on how to contribute routes.

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