SimBrief instant import not working for different account

I’m programming a virtual airline and want to make a new feature: a quick access to navigraph cloud charts. Like the button in SimBrief.

So the button is simply opening this link:

Thats working so far. But our airline allows also shared cockpit flights and different users can access the same briefing page of one user. The one user is generating the SimBrief plan with his SimBrief account. For the person with this account the instant import into Navigraph works. If I (different user) tries the link, I get an import error (I think because of the SimBrief request id which is not assigned to my SimBrief account.)

Would it be possible to allow instant imports also for different accounts? I mean every SimBrief OFP is available for everyone so why shouldn’t it be possible to also import it into any Navigraph chart system?


We have an item in our backlog to create a separate quick-import URL which will take a route string and some other flight info as input instead of the SimBrief request ID. Hence it is not linked to any specific account but could be used by anyone.



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