Error: This account has already been imported by another Navigraph user

I am not able to import my previous SimBrief data. When trying with a new password the system tells me ->Error: This account has already been imported by another Navigraph user.

Please check it. I never had problem with SimBrief using it for some years wthout having problems ???

Thank you



I am not sure if this was caused by a server issue yesterday now fixed. Please restart machine and try again.


Hi, I suspect you may have 2 Navigraph accounts. Until now you have been using SimBrief using 1 Navigraph account, but today I think you are trying to log in using another one.

We can of course transfer your SimBrief data to the other Navigraph account if you wish, but please contact Account Support to initiate this process as we will first need to confirm that the accounts are both indeed yours.

You can also simply log out of SimBrief and log back in again using your other account and everything should be as it was.

Best regards,

both accounts on email adress

Regards Holger

Hi Holger,

The other account uses a different email. But it looks like you might have logged back in to the other account now. Let me know if you still need any assistance.

Best regards,


yes I found the login from the other navigraph account „holger.schraepel

No I only need assistancefrom the account support by navigraph.

Thank you regards Holger

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