Simbrief Importer for MSFS CJ4

In the latest MSFS2020 Avionics and Aircraft beta release, they have released an updated CJ4 that will replace the previous Working Title CJ4 mod that many people use.

This new CJ4 removes the ability to import your Simbrief plan via the FMS. On the MSFS forum and in the WT Discord, it sounds like they can’t do that anymore for “licensing reasons.” It feels like this is going to be their final answer, unfortunately.

Can Navigraph create a way to import my Simbrief plans directly to the CJ4? Perhaps the importer can be expanded later to include other planes that would really benefit from this feature.

I’m aware I can export a plan file, load it in the world map, then fly, but the World Map to Plane transfer is never correct, and the World Map planner is still too buggy when things transfer. I think that whole system is in need of a re-write. The in-plane FMS import from the WT Mod worked GREAT! I want that functionality back.

no the license reason is for the charts yes, but you can add the import possibility from any addon/tool, when you want - there is no license reason. You can import any file/file-type, if you want and if it’s possible.

As an example:
You can import an excel- or word file without asking MS before, if you run into an license issue. The only thing is, you need a license to change it

And thats the same here, Simbrief offers a text file which contains information for a route. When WT or any other 3rd party devs want, they can import it without any license issues. So, it’s only a decision of WT to implement this, there is no license violation (it is still implemented but the decide to remove it).

Just to clarify the situation with the missing flight import. But what we have decide is, to start the analyse to create a mod to bring all the features back, what WT has removed (charts and now the Simbrief import).

Hope that helps

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Thanks, I’m glad to hear you are analyzing the ability to provide a way to import a Simbrief plan from within the plane(s).

The licensing issue makes total sense with regards to the charts. They didn’t say that explicitly so I guess some people (like me) were interpreting what they said as license issues with an importer.

Someone even asked WT how iniBuilds was able to have Simbrief importer in the A310 but it was “disallowed” for the CJ4 release. They said they were not in a position to comment on that decision.

Yep, the charts are another chapter … that´s really an “issue” due the different companies, but not an importer for a file. Anyways, it is as it is - not the best way for you as user/customer but as I wrote, we will start a first analyzing phase to see, how we can help at least our user.

Thanks again and thanks for this question - we do our best :slight_smile:


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