New SimBrief - Compliments!

Hiya Navigraph Team.

Just a quick shout out to say the New & Refreshed SimBrief (on PC) looks really good and pleasing to the eye, and appears to be extremely functional. Easy to find my way around, and I’m sure after a couple of flights I will forget what the old one looked like.

Thanks for this, and keep up the great work!!


Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

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Well done indeed.

Thank you.


Thank you Navigraph. I absolutely love the new look of Simbrief. It really is refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Really nice job.


Awesome! Finally a decent GUI. :ok_hand:

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I had really hoped this could be a thread about compliments for the new SimBrief.

Could we please keep it to this.

If you have bug reports, it may be more appropriate to start a separate thread.

Many thanks.


Love the new design, looks great and easy to use.

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