Simbrief flight plans and waypoints

New to Navigraph Subscription. Have twice gone through installation procedures. Have TDS GTNXI 750 Pro, it reflects AIRAC 2406 Navigraph DP and Charts, Navigraph Hub included all items including TDS GTNXI 750 Pro, etc. Used Simbrief for flight plan LOWI to LOWS, exported to MSFS2020 and TDS GTNXI 750 Pro and then loaded into Black Square Turbine Duke and TBM 930 g3000. Flight plan is valid for TBM 930 g3000 but not TDS GTNXI 750 Pro which always has invalid waypoints. It appears that all flight plans from Simbrief work for g3000 but TDS GTNXI 750 Pro often has invalid waypoints when, in my case, it involves LOWI or LOWS. Simbrief uses latest AIRAC 2406 as does TDS GTNXI 750 Pro and MSFS so can’t understand what could be causing this problem.
I’m new to Navigraph and feel that’s it’s something I’m doing incorrectly but have worked on every aspect of this problem I can think of. Would appreciate any help

I also updated Simbrief. In addition, I manually entered the Simbrief flight plan into the TDS GTNXI 750 Pro and the TDS GTNXI 750 Pro would not accept several Simbrief generated waypoint saying they were invalid frozen waypoints. So all programs have been updated, downloaded and installed several times with a full annual Navigraph Subscription. Can’t see how this happens with common valid AIRAC files. I am using NAVIGRAPH Hub for the TDS GTNXI 750 Pro but wonder if somehow the interconnection or install isn’t even though it’s says it’s successful?
Just totally at loss as to where to go from here. Looking forward to the Navigraph Technical team response.

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