Simbrief Flight Plan Sent me to the wrong Runway

As can be seen from the below, I downloaded the BDEGA approach which sent me to RWY 28L with a DUYET 1800’ ILS intercept.
It appears that the correct approach is the one seen in the screenshot, i.e. LOZIT at 6800’, BDEGA at 4900’ and CORKK at 2800’ for an ILS landing at RWY 10R.

What happened?


KSFO almost never lands on 10L/R. 28L/R are used 99% of the time.

The BDEGA3 STAR is technically valid for landing on any runway. Normally aircraft descend on the BDEGA STAR to cross BRIXX (overhead the airport, after CORKK) at 11,000. Then they are vectored to the south past the airport, and eventually turn around and land on 28L/R.

In other words, just because the STAR seems to line you up for a landing on 10L/R, does not mean this is actually what happens.

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After checking the flight plan again after “loading” it in the FMC, I discovered a disrepency between the plan and the Map.

The PLAN has the following way points: LOZIT 16000’, BDEGA 13000’, CORKK 11000’, BRIXX 11000’, HEMAN 3100’, DUYET 1800’ then RWY 28L.

The MAP has the following way points: LOZIT 6800’, BDEGA 4900’, CORKK 2800’ then RWY 10R.

How do you explain that?

Hello. Awaiting your response.

You should follow the plan, while referencing the applicable STAR and approach charts to ensure you meet the restrictions. The map gives a general idea but it is not always going to be 100% correct, and it won’t show any vectoring between the last STAR waypoint and the initial approach fix.

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@Kaptajnen I had this same problem yesterday. On a similar flight from KSLC, I got to BRIXX and the FMC had me continuing on into infinity (I couldn’t see where the next waypoint was). I had to change the FMC to fly direct back to HEMAN to land safely. I also had a similar problem the day before flying into KSLC.