SimBrief Downloader not working 2023-08-09

Same issue as: Simbrief Downloader not working?

The download option in SimBrief itself isn’t working either so it would appear to be a server-side problem.


The SimBrief Downloader and download option in SimBrief are working fine for me and we have no other reports.

Maybe it was a temporary internet issue?

If still an issue, please post screenshots or errors using Guide to posting Screenshots.


I had accidentally deselected “Detailed Navlog”.

I did not know there was a way to disable the function to generate a route. Are there many people that use this option? Maybe it could be moved to the bottom of the list and/or trigger a warning, similar to how deselecting “Plan Stepclimbs” causes an “!” icon to appear next to altitude.

I also have problems connecting the downloader and downloading from the site

Hi Marco,

So we can assist, please advise in detail the “problems connecting the downloader and downloading from the site”.