Simbrief doesn't connect to AS 2016

Hello to all,

since two days i have the problem that Simbrief no longer connects to AS16. When I try it comes a kind of clock that turns to 5.0 stops then followed by the message : Error: “Could not verify AS weather download”. Some time later a message comes in a rectangular text box with the message: “were unable to connect with servers. If you have an internet connection and get this message, you may need to adjust firewall and/or security software to allow AS16 to work properly”.

Needless to say, I have already checked this. I can export the then created flight plan via Simbrief Downloader also to AS2016 in the flight plans, but just not with the current online weather.

Are there any other possible solutions apart from the tips published so far?


Hi Hans,

Sounds like an issue with Active Sky itself. The “We are unable to connect with the servers …" message is not from SimBrief, it must be from the Active Sky program.

Maybe try posting in the Active Sky forums, they might have a better idea of what is causing this.

Best regards,