Simbrief cargo loads with Leonardo's MD-80

When I create my plan in SB for the MD-80, I tend to leave the cargo at “0”, but then notice that when the OFP is generated, the details on the second or third page of the OFP show a cargo load of 8,000 / 9,000lbs. This impacts the total take-off weight shown in the center panel of the MD-80, which goes up to 131,000 / 132,000lbs, which I suspect overrides whatever I enter for TOW into the EFB and CDU (124,000lbs) and - I believe - causes a bizarre behavior of the MD-80 during take-off because (I think) the trim and flaps settings do not match the higher take-off weight shown in the aircraft’s center panel. I may be wrong in my assumptions and perhaps the MD-80’s final numbers in the center panel have no effect on the CDU / EFB entries and trim/flaps settings but I cannot tell for sure. But the question remains… why does the OFP show a high weight for cargo when I select “0” in the initial plan fields? Thank you.


SimBrief includes the passenger baggage in the cargo figure, at a rate of 55 lbs per passenger by default.

The “Freight” entry on the Dispatch Options page only controls how much additional cargo to add, in addition to the passenger bags.

You can customize this behavior by creating a custom airframe, and setting the “Baggage Weight” value to 0. Then SimBrief won’t add any bags automatically.

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Great, thank you. I did not know about that feature, I’ll give it a try.

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