Cargo Weight

I have noticed during the last planning that although I enter the value 0 for Fright under the item “Optional Entries”, a weight of 3.7t then appears in the OFP for Cargo. Actually only Payload should appear.

An example with Fright 0,0 :


                EST      MAX     ACTUAL

PAX             185              ......

CARGO           3.7              ......

PAYLOAD        18.5              ......

ZFW            66.3     75.6     ......

FUEL            6.1     15.6     ......  POSS EXTRA 9.5

TOW            72.1     81.6  LDG......

STAB TRIM                        ......

LAW            69.7     79.2     ......


Passengers’ luggage.



No, the passengers’ luggage is part of the payload. The payload is made up of the weight of the passengers and the baggage.
Cargo is pure freight. Normal charter aircraft are not certified for cargo flight at all. That’s what DHL, UPS and so on are for.

That’s not how it works here. simBrief’s cargo figure includes freight + luggage (which is precisely why the “cargo” drop-down was renamed to “freight” by simBrief, too).



Ok. Even if it works like that here, it is unrealistic. I have discussed the OFP with a real Airbus pilot. The cargo information in the OFP is definitely wrong. This is not how it is done in reality.


Hi, thanks for the feedback.

While I don’t disagree with the real Airbus pilot, this is at best operator specific. Different airlines will indicate this differently on the OFP.

If you want SimBrief to not include passenger baggage in the cargo line of the OFP, you can do as follows:

  • Create (or edit) a custom airframe in the My Fleet section
  • Scroll down to the Passenger Weight, and set a weight that combines both the passenger and the weight of their baggage (ex. if you want 175lbs for the passenger and 55lbs of baggage, set 230lbs for the Passenger Weight)
  • For the Baggage Weight option, set “0”
  • Save the airframe, and generate a new flight. Make sure to select the custom airframe you have created.
  • SimBrief should no longer include the baggage weight in the Cargo line of the OFP.

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