Show OROCA rather than MEF on IFR LOW maps?

Could we have the IFR LOW maps show OROCA rather than MEF? That would make them more consistent with real-world IFR maps and make IFR flight planning a little easier.

Any thoughts or comments on this?

In case my suggestion was not clear: In the Navigraph map view, using the desktop application as an example, the green elevation numbers on the map are the same in VFR, IFR LOW, and IFR HIGH map modes. Whereas in real life, at least on government issued maps here in the US, VFR sectionals show MEF (maximum elevation figure) and IFR charts show OROCA (Off Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude).

Showing OROCA on IFR charts, other than being consistent with real-life maps, makes it quicker to determine the lowest available cruise altitude on direct routes since we don’t have to consult a different map to determine if the route of flight traverses mountainous regions or not (i.e., if we need 1000 ft or 2000 ft buffer over the highest terrain).


Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll make some investigation into this, including checking which data we have from our sources.