Sending Calculated fuel to SIMBRIEF API

Hello. I have a virtual airline where I developed a lot of years ago a distpatch system that does calculate flight fuel very well but some pilots wants to take advantage of this integration and push our own distpatch to Simbrief. the problem is that I cannot push the calculated fuel so my own distpatch has XXX fuel calculated and Simbrief has another very similar but different number.
Maybe I am not understanding well the API parameters but anyone can help me on that?
Thanks in advance


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Hi Santiago,


We shall investigate, but there may be a delay with developer availability.


Thank you Ian,
In my distpatch system I calculate in lbs or Kilos:

  • Block Fuel (Origin - Destination)
  • Alt Fuel (Destination - Alternative)
  • Contingency fuel (45min)
    This calculation is done taking into account all aircraft performance curves, consumption and their capacity. (We have that info in our DB)

If you or any developer want to make a try let me know. See below a screenshot of the final stage of our Distpatch system.