No Block Fuel in Flight Plan

There is always no value in the line item “Block” as seen in this image:

The value is shown on top of the generated FPL as seen here:

However I’d like to see it in the A320 FlyPad, where the summary does’nt show up.

Do I have a wrong version of Simbrief ? Please tell me how to check and load a newer version if possible.

There must be another version because I have seen p.e. this in Simbriefs “System Status” > "Recent OFP’s :

Bonn GE

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Hello, what airline flight plan are you trying?

I do not copy or try to simulate a flight plan of a specific real airline.
I just take a departur and arrival airport and enter p.e. DHL into the box where Simbrief this requires.

I can’t imagine, that the name of an airline has impact on simbriefs calculation of the block fuel.

Thanks for your response, any help is wellcome !

Bonn GE

Your first version can’t work and show any Block Fuel because your Taxi Fuel is missing.

However, just to remarks: Besides some rare dinosaurs (DHL A300), we are using Kilogram (kg) in general for EASA operated aircraft and in relation to this Contingency Selection to “EASA” which will automatically select the correct CONT Fuel.
Final Reserve is as well a standard figure which is 30 min and not 40 min in relation to EASA Operations.
And by the way, DHL is not DLH :wink: Just in case you were wondering.


Thanks a lot !
I have really overlooked this. And yes, precise following procedures starts already with the FPL…

And by the way, I’d like to give some kind of explanation with respect to DHL/DLH:
Due to our age we do a lo t of internet shopping, and DHL is almost daily our concern because they tell us the hour when they will deliver but they show up at random times (one must be at home to sign the reception). I can fly while I wait, but my wife goes nut… Punctuality is also in GE a matter of past times. Thats why DHL is always in my mind :weary:

Bonn GE

Gert, no worries…

Beste Grüße in die Heimat ins Rheinland!

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