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Dear Navigraph- and SimBrief-Team.

I’m using both systems since many years, and I’m also having a NAVIGRAPH-subscription. I’m enjoying the systems very much.

Now to my question:
Both systems are equipped with a sorting function for stored flight plans (sorting by date or sorting by name). However, since I have now saved over 100 flight plans, the search - even with the sorting function - becomes confusing. As a pilot use to have a “home base” (in my case Frankfurt), you’re having only from EDDF a considerable number of flightplans.

Therefore my question is whether it is not possible to integrate a search mask in both systems, where you can enter the origin (e.g. KSFO) and the destination (e.g. KBOS) and search for them specifically? This would make the search for the stored flight plans much more convenient.

It would be nice if something could be done!

In advance many thx.



Yes the selecting, filtering and managing of flight plans is being looked at for the next major Charts version.


Hi Ian,

many thx. for the immediate reply. So I’m looking forward to discovering the new features with the next major update.

And by the way, I’m loving both systems very much! Your helping a lot to get flight simulation as real as possible. And I appreciate how you have made the systems better and better over the years!

Many thx.


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