Screwed Altitudes

I wish Simbrief would start giving me cruising altitudes that when I enter them into the FMC it doesnt tell me “unable cruise altitude” because the distance is too short to achieve it. And it tells me this usually right after I programed in the flight plan and did all the work. Then I have to nix it, go back to Simbrief, edit the flight plan down to a realistic altitude, reload it, re-start the sim basically…

It’s been this way for a long time, so I assume if it can be fixed, it would have been by now. So I guess no point to this post I suppose, unless it has been addressed elsewhere with a fix.

… but may I ask a question? Why don´t you change the altitude directly in the FMC after you have downloaded the flightplan?


Presumably because the fuel figures do not match when flying lower.

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