Altitude Incorrect

I wish you would fix the thing where I plan a Zibo flight from KORD-KSTL and the auto-gen flight plan gives me a cruising altitude of 28000’. By the time I get the plan properly entered in after all the “unable cruise altitude” errors, it turns out the proper cruise altitude was 18000’, a full 10000’ below what Simbrief gives me.

This has been an issue for many years and I wonder why it’s never fixed.

Hello, thanks for the feedback. I think SimBrief gives us the optimum altitudes for a specific route and aircraft type. However, this may not be the appropriate altitude to be flown for a given route. EG, weather, winds, ATC issues. That’s why SimBrief helps assist us, and we have to wear multiple hats while flying. (Dispatcher, fueler, baggage handler, the list goes on)

I will pass this along to our team.

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