Saving favorites

New user here and I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how to save favorites. Can anyone help? Thanks!



For which application are you talking? Charts Desktop? What do you want to save as a favourite?


Apologies, I am referring to the Android app actually. And I’m actually not sure what can be saved as a favorite, I’m under the assumption that it would be airports? Thank you.

Hi Carmeloh,

You can save airports as favorites by clicking the star-icon in the bottom of the charts-page. after you . The charts themselves can be pinned to the pinboard after you have created a flight and the pinboard is saved together with that flight.

Happy flying!

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On the desktop version, what is the purpose of favourites? Can I save a popular flight plan rather than searching through a long list?
If I can, how?!!

Hi Richard,

Favorites allows quick access to airports you frequently look up.

In Flights menu, you can currently sort Flights by date or name. In the new Charts in development we shall consider a flight plan lookup facility or maybe a “Favorites for flight plans”.