Hello together,

I just installed RXP GNS430 for XPLANE . RXP is using airac cycle 1513, fairly old. Is there a way to get the approach/arrival/departue charts belonging to that old cycle ? Flying along the Nav Data path is one thing, but handling approaches needs charts.


Hi Andy,
sorry, we can´t update this addon. The reason is, that the RXP GN430 uses the original Garmin data-format and Garmin hadn´t allowed us, to update such addons because the data can then also be used in real-world Garmin devices. Therefore, sorry - we can´t update this addon.

Hi Richard

Thanks for the quick answer. But I do not really understand what you mean with the mentioned addon. I just would need the chart data (SID, STAR etc… to print or display) in sync with Navdata cycle 1513, that´s somewhat from year 2015, no one would ever use that in real world. It is just a cycle that you once used (and had the charts), but not is isn´t even displayed in your last cycles array. Have you an commitment with Jepp not to supply Data that is more than 5 Years old? May be highlight that a bit ot me. Would be nice. tx.


Ahhhh sorry, I misread this completely sorry. The answer is the same, sorry.

No, we can’t offer outdated charts (also data). Sorry and sorry for my first answer. I have only read the first two sentences :slight_smile:


Ok thanks it´s clear then, have a good day.

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