RWY in use (not in SimBrief but in Navg Charts)


Sorry if this is not the right place but was the only feature request…

My suggestion is for the Navigraph Charts (great tool) as Simbrief already has it.

I enjoy manually building my flightplans and Simbrief cannot compete with N Charts on this.

The only thing I really miss is a facility that, when I check for airports when building FPs manually, I would like to know which is the current RWY in use, for two reasons:

  1. To decide if I want to fly to it or from it (I may want a visual approach only RWY but the whether may not suit that approach) or
  2. When deciding which SID to chose, I need to know the RWY in use.

It may be argued that there many ways to know, and of course they are and I use them, but all of them means leaving the app and going to somewhere else. So this is a “nice to have” feature rather than a “must have”, meaning it would make live a lot easier (I’m not asking a full metar, just the RWY in use and the winds in that aireport. Simbrief already get that info, perhaps the N Charts could get it from there?? don’t know…

The way I operate is building the plan amnually in N Charts, and then copy and paste in Simbrief for integration (SimBrief is brilliant if I don’t have time, or to verify my FP or to compare my FP against Simbrief suggestions, part of the fun :grin:)

Thanks, the team will keep this in mind for the next version of Charts!

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