RWY 8 Visual Circle to Land LOWI Not showing plane path

Anyone know what I must do to have the plane follow show up on this chart? I can see all the others fine, but when Switch over the the Circle to Land (LOWI, RWY 8) there is not plane showing up to see that it is following the path, it worked fine prior to this newest version of the Charts App, but can no longer get it to do so. Anyone have an idea on what I must do?

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I am sorry to say, but you must be mistaking this chart for one of the others. As far as I can see in our data, we have never been able to show your position on this chart.

You can see which charts can show your position by looking for the “chart overlay” button. In this case, the circle-to-land chart is the only approach chart for LOWI that does not have this button:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Adding georeferencing to a chart needs to be done by Jeppesen, our data provider.

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