Runway Slope always shown as 0%

With the most recent version of the desktop app, the information about the runways is very nice, such as the wind components, lengths, etc. But the runway slope is constantly zero no matter what runway or airport. Take runway 26L at KONT for example. On the charts app, it’s displayed as 0.00%. But if you do the math, it comes out to roughly 0.1%.

Again, if you look at 17L at KRNO, the app says 0.00%, but it’s actually 0.08%.

It’s not a major issue, as the math is very simple, but it would be nice to have it displayed correctly on the app.


I use the Rotate MD-11 which requires the slope for its take-off caculation. I am using Navigraph Charts Version: 8.28.0 Build: 5311207087 and still the runway slopes show as 0.00%, where in this example KMSY runway 11 it should be 0.30%. Any chance of fixing this please Navigraph?


Hello, thanks for posting! Welcome to the forum both of you :slight_smile:

We do have slopes (see WAVG for example, with a 9% slope) but it seems like these values are not calculated by us, but rather by our source data provider. We shall investigate if there is anything we can do!

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Thank you Malte for replying. I can see that WAVG does indeed show 9.00 but I cannot find any charts to verify that is actually correct. If I import a Simbrief plan into SimToolkitPro it does calculate and show the slopes correctly. I have looked through the XML file that Simbrief produces but I cannot find any reference to slope, only the elevation of the runway to be used not both ends. Otherwise it would be easy enough to read the XML file data and calculate the slope. Hopefully, this will get fixed in a future release of Navigraph charts. Thank you for your help :grinning: Ted.

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This should now be fixed! We now calculate the runway slope ourselves in cases like these.

We use the following formula:


For KMSY RWY 11, this results in a 0.03% slope. Let us know if you find any issues with these calculations!

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