Runway Declared Distances (ASDA, LDA,TODA,TORA)

Hello everyone. I’m a relative newcomer to Navigraph, have tried to look for this information in a few of the formats (Xplane, Aerosoft, etc) but so far can’t find the runway declared distances other than Length and Width. This data is in ARINC 424, so I suspect I’m just looking in the wrong places.

Thanks in advance for your patience (and pointer in the right direction)

Hi John,
the data which we provide are coming from the monthly ARINC424 source file but will be adapted to the specific needs of each addon (structure, content, logic, …). So, when the addons doesn’t expect these values, they will not be included and these information will not be used by any addon (excl. TopCat but this addons needs also more on information which we can’t provide therefore more or less outdated).


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Thanks for your reply! Makes good sense to me.

All the best

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