Current ATIS (IVAO) - Sometimes available, sometimes not

I have one question about the WEATHER AND NOTAMS section on the Simbrief website.

If I plan, save and generate the OFP briefing data I can also use the WEATHER AND NOTAMS section. If I click on ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE somteimes I can see the CURRENT ATIS (IVAO) sometimes not. These datas are very helpful for me due to TA and TRL flight levels.

Question: Why these data sometimes included and sometimes not?

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Robert

Hi, just checking, are you sure the ATIS is actually available on the IVAO network? The ATIS requires a controller to be online for that area, so there is not always an ATIS available for a given airport.


thats correct. Due to the IVAO virtuality its not always sure current ATIS informations are immediatley available after flight planning. My last question: Are these important informations (TA and TRL flight levels) are available in other areas of OFP briefing data or other areas in Simbrief?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Robert

Not really in SimBrief unfortunately. However, usually you can find the TA/TRL on the SID, STAR, and approach charts for the airport in question. Normally in the remarks section it might say “Trans alt: 5000”, for example.

In many cases, however, the transition level isn’t available, and will be marked “Trans level: By ATC”. Since the transition level might change depending on the local weather, it’s normally only available through the ATIS.

That being said, if no ATIS or ATC is online, you can probably guess the transition level they would assign. Normally it will be the TA + 1000 (so if TA was 5000, TRL could be FL60). In some cases it can be higher (i.e. FL70), however, depending on the QNH I believe.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. OK. I understand. Unfortunately the ATC in MSFS 2020 needs somme additions :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Robert

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