Routing data error

When using the latest Airac 2101 Rev 1 I get an AWY/WPT mismatch error when attempting to enter the VEPAM L642 ESPOB segment. This occurs in both Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 with the A320 and in xPlane using the Toliss A321. Simbrief doesn’t have an issue with this segment and looking at the maps on Skyvector,com shows this to be a valid segment.


I faced this problem too. The fuel and weight information is loaded correctly and the rest of the information is loaded as well. But the flight plan itself contains only the departure airport and the arrival airport. In the Navigraph charts, the route is also displayed correctly.

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Yes I’ve seen this too so far only in SE Asia flying from VHHH>WSSS using the MSFS2020 A320NX mod by Flybywire. Flying from VVTS>WSSS same thing/mod. I think it used part of the airway mentioned above. I though it was a FBW glitch, but if it’s been tested in X-plane, is it an error in Navigraph? I mean the airway and waypoints are there in the charts. just curious